This is how you achieve
beautiful even brows.

~15 Minutes. No Commitment Required.

Lasts 1-2 Years

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts typically 1-2 years before a touch-up is required saving you hundreds of hours of filling in your brows every morning and no more frustration trying to achieve even brows.

Painless Procedure

Using a lidocaine topical numbing agent the procedure is virtually painless. In fact, many customers choose not to use the numbing agent for the best results claiming that the procedure is low pain.

Heals Within 14 Days

The healing process begins with minor scabbing which naturally starts to fall off within 7 days. By day 14 the scabbing has ended and your skin begins to recover. By day 28 you can see your brow technician again to touch up any areas where the pigment was rejected during the initial healing process.


The fact that you have landed on this page means that you have finally decided to consider microblading as a means to achieve that amazing and even set of brows that you just can't get with a pencil.

We understand perfectly that it can feel like a gamble and you might be asking yourself,

"What if I don't like the results?"

Unlike a tattoo, microblading uses incredibly fine needles on a manual pen to create hyper-realistic lines in the upper layers of the skin. To the naked eye these lines look exactly like real eyebrow hairs.

There is machinery involved, this is treatment is done 100% by hand only by our specially-trained and highly-skilled brow technicians.

The big difference here between microblading and tattooing is that you can choose to let your microbladed brows fade naturally over time if ever you decide that  microblading isn't for you.

Typically it takes about 36 months for your brows to fade away.


Colour options for your new microbladed brows can be determined by the tone (warmth) of your natural skin.

There are three main categories:

Cool [Pale & Rosy Skin]

The cool colour palette can have ash-grey or even subtle green/blue undertones. They do not contain any reds. Once applied the tone of your skin will cause the pigments of your microbladed brows to appear as soft blond to light brown.

Neutral [Olive & Tan Skin]

While the neutral colour palette can still be used for those with fair skin it is mainly used for those with slightly warmer olive or tan skin. The pigments in this colour palette contain reds. The red undertones blend nicely with olive and tan skin as where with fair skin is can be too pronounced.

Warm [Deep-hued & Dark Skin]

The pigments used for this category are reserved for those with darker skin containing chocolate undertones or tanned olive skin. Many people with brown or black hair fall into this category. If you tan easily you are most likely in this category.

What If I Want Something Different?

It's important to note that while the colour palette can be matched to your skin, hair and eye colours you may want a look that is outside of that usual natural pairing. Depending on your desires your brow artist may choose a colour from a colour palette other than those that directly match your skin type. The results may vary and can sometimes require that we test the pigment which may or may not lead to additional sessions.

Before you go ahead with the actual microblading procedure we will meet for a consultation at which time a colour match will be performed to make sure that you are happy with the colour before proceeding. 

Keep in mind that once the treatment has been completed the colour of your new brows will change almost daily as they heal. They start off a lot darker than they will be once completely healed. This takes some level of trust in your professional brow artist.


Discover whether microblading is right for you.


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