Multi-Care Shower Gel TONIK



Much more than a simple cleansing gel, the Multi-Care Shower Gel TÖNIK  with fresh, floral and lemony notes produces a rich and creamy lather that exfoliates the skin while restoring a protective lepidic film for long-lasting hydration. In addition to a significant contribution of vitamins and minerals, it contributes to cell renewal and respects the integrity of the skin.


  • Lightens pigmentation spots
  • Revives the epidermis
  • Relieves itching due to dehydration
  • Leaves the skin soft and supple


How To Use 

  • For daily use, in the shower or bath, apply and lather Aqua-Laure Multi-Care Shower Gel on the body.
  • Rub in circular motions to allow the enzymes contained in the gel to exfoliate.
  • Rinse thoroughly.



  • The enzymatic complex of seven exotic fruits (pomegranate, starfruit, passion fruit, mango, pineapple, lychee, Indian jujube, guava) removes impurities from the skin.
  • The Beehive complex (honey, royal jelly and propolis) protects and softens the skin.
  • The cocktail of Asian plants (bamboo, lotus, water lily) stimulates cell repair and helps to solve hydration problems. The Powerful Antioxidant Complex (goji, coffee, acai, noni, pomegranate, green tea and mangosteen) plays an important role in the healing process.
  • The Lightening Complex composed of 7 alpine plants unifies the complexion and helps to reduce pigmentation spots.Paraben-free


Alcohol free


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