TBC Nail File



About Nail Files

nail file is a nail tool that is used to grind down nails to give them a more beautiful shape. These are often used during pedicure and manicure, however, are considered very helpful for quick fixes of cracks, broken or rough nails.

When To Use Each Grit?

Nail files are graded according to the grit per square inch. For instance, 80 grit will have 80 pieces of sand in a square inch. A wrong choice of grit could damage your clients’ nails. Using the correct grit for every situation is crucial for your nail protection.

  • 100 grit: A bit coarse but still can be used for shaping the sidewall of artificial nails or for shaping hard toenails.
  • 180 grit: This one is the medium file, and it’s used in the nail plate preparation. Smooth finishing to artificial nails. You can also use it to shape your hard natural nails.



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